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  • Meet new friends
  • Meet your goals 
  • 45-60 min long session
  • Motivation
  • Precise technique
  • Results driven training

Group Fitness Functional training

SKU: 19003
  • Group Fitness session is very popular way of exercising and is recommended to experienced people. Concentrated on high intensity training. People can train here in fun and friendly environment. Bootcamps are the best place to work hard to see desired results fast as well as to meet new people and friends. Various sports competitions ran during bootcamps is making the atmposphere competitive and fun. Z Fitness Bootcamps can consist of maximum 20 people exercising at the same time. Every session takes 45-60 mins which allows us to run effective and healthy group sessions with very low risk of injuries. 

  • In case you are not 100% satisfied with our service you can claim a refund of your last session. This typicaly needs to be done within 3 working days after your session. We will assess your complaint within 7 days and provide a refund for your last session if assessed positively. Please contact our customer service on or facebook page if any questions or complaints.

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