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personal training Melbourne beach



Z Fitness is here to help anyone who wants to live healthy lifestyle and reach specific fitness goals. We are also here to help professional athletes to get to the top using traditional and non-traditional high performance methods.  

It is not a secret that our personal training leads to happiness and success. It is the right place you can find new friends, have your weekly workout done and draw positive energy you can share with others around you. It is the right place you can express yourself and have fun. With teamwork and personal approach to every single client we guarantee people will get what they came for. With our personal training, classess and products we would like to help people not just with reaching their fitness goals but to improve their lives. We would like to help people to find their bestselves, to be happy with who they are and live happy lives. We believe that Z Fitness leads to happiness.


Personal trainer, Fitness products developer, soccer coach, passionate about Sports and  Health and Fitness 


Ivana Vasinova

Products distribution for central Europe, customer service, passionate about Health and Beauty 


Lenka Plackova

Products distribution for the Czech republic, customer service, passionate about Health and Fitness and also Building industry

Vendula Vasinova

Graphic design, Video auditor, passionate about Health and Fitness, future dog owner

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