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Z Fitness Speed Band helps to develop maximal speed, explosive speed, strength and is also used in rehabilitation exercises after injuries.

Z Fitness Speed Band

SKU: 19001
  • Z Fitness speed band (rubber band) is made of high quality materials which are able to resist any heavy athletic exercises and training methods. Steel clips are making this product safe and durable. This speed band comes in a pack which includes 2 ankle (knee) straps, 2 blue (high resistance) tubes and 2 red (lower resistance) tubes and a carry bag. Other materials: Natural Latex, Nylon. You can also choose between 3 differrent sizes: Small, Medium, Large. 

  • In case you are not 100% satisfied you can return this product to us within 14 days after purchase and we will provide a refund within 7 days after receiving the product back. Please contact our customer service on or facebook page 

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