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Outdoor vs indoor training

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

What are the advantages of outdoor training over indoor? Which one is healthier and which one people prefer more? All answers to these questions and many others can be found in

Both outdoor and indoor training can bring you results but what might be great for you can be a nightmare for others. Your personality type, mood you are in, goals, personal attitude can influence your decision between heading to the gym or doing your workout outdoor.

Research says: “Outdoor training for weightloss, introverts and psychical health. Indoor training for bulking, extroverts and physical development”

Choose wisely

Most people who have never exercised before should hire a personal trainer who will make them feel welcome at the gym, show them correct technique of various exercises, explain basics of fitness methods, create a fitness plan etc. Personal trainer will also help people to realize which type of training is the right for them.

Outdoor training will bring people fun and hassle free environment. Everyone can express themselves the same way as they would do at home. No one is going to judge you for dropping the weights, being noisy or sweat too much. Thats why every outdoor training is perfect place for weightloss, athletic training, group training, functional training, plyometrics and HIITs.

Indoor training can provide you most of equipment and weights you need for classic fitness methods. The biggest advantage to outdoor training there are machines and weights which you need when bulking up and developing strength. Most gyms will also offer you large cardio zone with treadmills, rowing machines and bikes which most people make feel like a mouse in a running wheel. You can do pretty much every exercise and every fitness method in the gym, however there are methods which are more natural to do outdoor.

For us when the weather allows we train outdoor mostly with people in our weightloss programs. It is relieving stress and improving both your psychical and physical health. We train indoor mainly with clients whose main goal is to build muscle mass, strength and prefer classic fitness methods.

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