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Z Fitness Functional Resistance Band and everything about it.

Are you sometimes annoyed with classical resistance bands rolling up when training High Intensity? There is a solution which allows you to kepp your resistance band on during the whole workout! World-renowned coaches say: "Every athlete should have one!"


Z Fitness Functional Resistance band is made of high quality materials which are able to resist any heavy athletic exercises and training methods. Steel clips are making this product safe and durable. This resistance band will just never snap. It can persist the highest speeds of your training.

In fact, professional athletes like the players of New Zealand National Rugby Team "the All Blacks", players of the Czech republic national football team or hundreds of athletes including Jamaican sprinters Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell and others used this Resistance band in their training program.

You will find this product beneficial in Weight-loss programs, Speed, Agility, Explosive Power training programs as well as physiotherapy.

This resistance band comes in a pack which includes 2 ankle (knee) straps, 2 blue (high resistance) tubes and 2 red (lower resistance) tubes and a carry bag. Other materials: Natural Latex, Nylon.

You can get one for you and your friend in Z Fitness Store today.

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